“Russians” Threatening Dutch F-16 Pilots’ Family (excerpt)
(Source: NL Times; posted August 09, 2019)
By Janene Pieters
The partners of Dutch fighter pilots who were active in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania in 2017, were harassed at home during this period. They received repeated, unpleasant phone calls from people with a Russian accent who asked whether their men should not rather leave the area, among other things, the Telegraaf reports.

Military intelligence service MIVD told the newspaper that it is familiar with this practice, but would not say anything further about it.

According to the newspaper, the women often received these calls after their husbands or boyfriends called them from their personal phones. The person on the line, "with a Russian-sounding accent", asked things like what their husband was doing there, what she thought about it, and whether it would be better if he left the area. (end of excerpt)

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