Air2030: Radar Tests Begin for New Long-Range Air Defense System (DSA) In Menzingen
(Source: Swiss Defence Procurement Agency, armasuisse; issued Aug 07, 2019)
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BERN --- At an Aug. 07 press conference in Bern, [Ministry of Defence] specialists shared the test progress of the radar sensors for a new long-range ground-to-air defense system. The press conference marks the beginning of the evaluation that will start on August 19th in Menzingen. Testing of both systems will continue until the end of September 2019.

During the press conference, various DDPS specialists provided information about the tests of the radar sensors that will soon take place in Menzingen. Christian Catrina, who has been put in charge by the head of the DDPS [defense minister—Ed.] of the modernization of airspace defense, briefly presented the Air2030 program and the DSA project, while Markus Graf (armasuisse), head of the DSA project, and Marc Dürr (armasuisse), responsible for the DSA tests, described the evaluation process and the extent of the tests. Colonel EMG Marco Forrer, the Air Force’s DSA Sub-Project Manager, explained the tasks of the Air Force and the need for a new long-range air defense system.
Raytheon flies Patriot radar into Switzerland for its technical evaluation, which is due to begin Aug. 19. The shipment comprises 3 different trailers, each carried on a 12-wheeled semi-trailer instead of being self-deployable.

Test program

Trials on the former Gubel exercise site in Menzingen ZG include ten mission profiles, with specific tasks. The tests will consist of conducting ground measurements and airspace surveys in search of Air Force aircraft.

The purpose of the missions is to verify the capabilities of radar detectors and the quality of the data received. No tests will take place on holidays or weekends. The tests do not include any firing of weapons.

The detectors of the two candidate systems will be tested successively on the following dates:
-- Raytheon, United States Patriot: from August 19 to 30, 2019
-- Eurosam, France SAMP / T: from 16 to 27 September 2019.

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-- Aug. 13 @19:30: Added Twitter video footage of Patriot's arrival.


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