Defense Ministry Has Created the Conditions for the Destruction of Morozov HCBM: A Two-Day Working Week and A Fine of UAH 82 Million
(Source: Ukroboronprom; issued Aug 14, 2019)
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The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has created conditions for the destruction of "HCBM named after Morozov" plant: a two-day working week and 82 million UAH fine.

SE "Morozov Kharkov Machine-Building Design Bureau" is forced to transfer nearly one thousand staff of the enterprise into a two-day working week. The reason for this is a series of decisions of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, which create the conditions for the destruction of one of the leading defense enterprises of Ukraine.

The Ministry of Defense has stopped financing the production of the BTR-4 due to the inability of the private company LLC Lozovsky Forging and Mechanical Plant, which is in a monopoly position in the manufacture of hulls made of grade 71 steel, to produce the required number of hulls.

The Defense Ministry's 85th military office vetoed the possibility of producing BTR-4 hulls made of steel plate sourced in the European Union at the facilities of HCBM and other Concern enterprises.

Thus, all prerequisites were created to prevent the execution of the State Defense Order by the HCBM for the production of the BTR-4 for the Ukrainian army.

At the same time, the Ministry of Defense filed a claim against HCBM for penalties of UAH 82.3 million for failure to comply with the order.

Also, the Ministry of Defense, without explanation, stopped funding the development of new types of armored vehicles. In particular, the deep modernization of one of the main tanks of the Ukrainian army, which had to radically improve the effectiveness of the fighting machine.

In fact, HCBM was left without an order to manufacture new equipment, without money to develop promising samples, and received a multimillion-dollar fine, which threatens to permanently block the enterprise.

It should be noted that HCBM is a legendary armored vehicle developer, its specialists created the T-34 and T-64. In addition, HCBM developed "Oplot", BTR-3, BTR-4 and other modern armored vehicles.

At the same time, the HCBM is the only manufacturer of the BTR-4 in Ukraine, which since the first days of the war has been used on the front line and received numerous positive feed-back from the fighters.

It should be noted that, due to the position of the military representation on the BTR-4, in April this year, the work on the production of cases for this machine was stopped at the enterprise "Zhytomyr Armored Plant".

The concern has repeatedly warned that the refusal to use armor from EU countries and the use of archaic norms for the standardization of the USSR times would jeopardize the re-equipping of Ukrainian troops and the normal functioning of enterprises of the Ukrainian armored sector, and in the future, the entire defense-industrial complex of Ukraine.


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