Light Operational Vehicle
(Source: New Zealand Ministry of Defence; issued March 30, 2004)
The requirement is to acquire a range of light operational vehicles (LOV) to meet the New Zealand Army’s motorisation requirements. These include:

Military vehicles:

The MV fleet will consist of 321 vehicles in six variants to fulfil a new mobility requirement to operate in concert with, and to support the light armoured vehicle. The MV fleet will consist of:
--13 special operations variants,
--122 command and control variants,
--95 general service variants,
--68 crew served weapon carrier variants,
--15 shelter carrier, and
--8 ambulance variants.

Of these, 23 command and control, and 37 crew served weapon variants will have armour protection.

The existing Landrover fleet will be progressively withdrawn from service as the MV enters service.

Value: NZ$60-110 million

The Minister of Defence signed a contract with Automotive Technik Ltd on 29 March 2004 for the supply of 188 Pinzgauer military vehicles. Delivery of these vehicles will begin in October 2004.

Tender evaluation for the remaining 133 (60 with armour protection) will be completed in May 2004 and it is expected the Government will be in a position to announce the preferred supplier in June 2004.


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