Switzerland: STN Atlas Elektronik To SupplyObservation Equipment For 120 Armored Vehicles
(Source : Rheinmetall Detec ; issued Dec. 5, 2000)

Rheinmetall subsidiary STN ATLAS Elektronik GmbH of Bremen has received a major order from Switzerland. The company will equip 120 armored vehicles of the Swiss Army with observation and reconnaissance equipment. The contract with Gruppe Rüstung has now been signed in Bern. STN ATLAS Elektronik is a member of Rheinmetall DeTec AG, Ratingen, responsible for defense activities of the Rheinmetall Group.

The Swiss Army will receive 120 armored vehicles for gunnery commanders within the next years. The related orders were placed with three companies, among them STN ATLAS Elektronik as supplier for the observation equipment with thermal imager, CCD camera and laser range finder. In addition to the control unit and the test equipment for field and depot maintenance, the scope of delivery also comprises spare parts packages. Furthermore, the order includes training courses and systems.

Four systems will be delivered within a preproduction batch in the autumn of 2001. As of February 2002, six further units will be supplied to the customer each month.

For this project, the three companies involved (STN ATLAS Elektronik, MOWAG and Honeywell) are cooperating as equal partners, i.e. without a prime contractor.

As Ulrich Grillo, chairman of the board of management of STN ATLAS Elektronik GmbH, points out: "We are very content with this new form of cooperation. Following a preliminary study phase, the project was developed, evaluated, tested and prepared for procurement within the unusually short period of three years."

The cooperation is also considered positive by the customer. Bodo Wittwer, system leader for the project at Gruppe Rüstung: "Such results are possible only if work is performed with motivation and calculation. It is particularly commendable if - as in this case - the industry is willing to invest its own preliminary services and is prepared to take certain risks."


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