Greek Air Force Purchases Four New Super Pumas; Increases the Country's Search and Rescue Capabilities
(Source : Eurocopter ; issued Dec. 21, 2000)

MARIGNANE, France---After the successful commissioning of the Greek Merchant Marine's four AS 332 C1 Super Pumas, this country's Air Force, which operates these helicopters, has decided to purchase four helicopters of the same type to perform its search and rescue (SAR) and Combat, Search and Rescue (CSAR) missions.

This contract, signed in Athens in the presence of Mr. Dimitris Apostolakis, Greek Deputy Minister of Defence and Mr. Jean-Maurice Ripert, Ambassador of France, has a value of approximately 100 million Euros, including provision for an option for another 2 helicopters. It comprises also a 100% offset commitment to the benefit of the Greek industry.

The first two helicopters will be delivered within 2 years.

The AS 332 C1 is the short version of the twin-engine, medium-lift helicopter equipped with Turbomeca Makila 1A1 engines, each of which has a power rating of 1877 shp (1400 kW).

The Greek Air Force Super Pumas will be equipped in a similar way to those of the Merchant Marine, with, amongst other things, a Bendix 1500B radar capable of picking up small boats from a long distance, a Thomson-CSF "Clio" FLIR system for night-time search operations, a Spectrolab searchlight, hailers, a 272 kg (600 lb.) capacity hoist, jettisonable life rafts, an air ambulance installation with stretchers and a system for flight in moderate icing conditions.

Moreover, the Super Pumas will be fitted with a Sextant NADIR MK2 self-contained navigation system, associated with a SFIM 155 autopilot with higher-order modes that authorize transitions and automatic hover.

To date, almost 600 helicopters of the Super Puma / Cougar family have already been ordered from Eurocopter by more than 70 customers in some 45 countries.

Eurocopter is a hundred percent subsidiary of EADS (European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company). EADS was formed in July 2000 following the merger of Dasa, Aerospatiale Matra and the Spanish company CASA and has thus become one of the three leading aerospace companies in the world.


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