Czech Republic Leases Gripen
(Source: FMV Swedish Defence Procurement Administration; issued June 14, 2004)
Sweden and the Czech Republic has today signed a leasing agreement for 14 Gripen fighter aircraft for 10 years.

FMV (The Swedish Defence Material Administration), representing the Swedish Government, signed an agreement with its equivalent department at the Czech Ministry of Defense, at a ceremony today in Prague. The Czech Republic will lease 14 Gripen fighter aircraft (12 single-seat and 2 two-seat) of the latest version JAS 39 C/D Gripen for a period of ten years (2005-2015) according to the agreement.

The agreement follows the offer submitted by FMV in October 2003, which resulted in the Czech Governments decision to start negotiations with the Swedish government in December 2003. The negotiations have been ongoing since January 2004 and have now been successfully concluded by today's agreement.

The Czech Republic will be the first NATO-country to operate the fourth generation Gripen, to meet the country's national and NATO defense needs.

The Czech Republic will receive the latest C and D versions of the Gripen aircraft. These aircraft are the latest standard of the Gripen and are equipped with full color cockpits, air-to-air refueling probes, and are fully NATO-interoperable. The Gripen aircraft will be delivered to the Czech Republic during April-August 2005.

Sweden will provide extensive operational and tactical training of both Czech pilots and technicians as a part of the agreement. The training will be done in Sweden with the Swedish Air Force who is responsible for the training program.

Saab AB will be responsible for certain adaptations of the Gripen aircraft to meet the Czech requirements. Saab AB will also provide technical support during the whole duration of the leasing period.

Training devices will be supplied by Sweden during the whole leasing period to provide an in-country training capability, and in addition simulator training will be provided in Sweden.

The agreement also covers the provision of the necessary maintenance equipment, a fully integrated logistics support package including spares, ground support equipment, repairs and technical and tactical support systems during the whole leasing period. The integrated logistics support package includes the transport of materiel between Sweden and the Czech Republic, publications and technical support during the whole leasing period. This support concept is the same model as used by the Swedish Air Force.

The Czech Republic is responsible for its own pilots, technicians and for normal maintenance of the Gripen aircraft in addition to consumable items such as aircraft fuel.

The total value of the contract is 19.650 billion CZK.


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