Elbit Systems Granted Contract for the Israeli Police Border Control System
(Source : Elbit Systems Ltd. ; issued Sept. 24, 2001)

HAIFA, Israel---Elbit Systems Ltd. today announced that the Company has received a contract for the development and supply of a computerized system for registration and control at all the border crossing points of the State of Israel.

The system, which will be deployed at all the airports, sea ports and land entry points throughout the country, will support the border inspection processes and will help control the passage of vehicles and goods. The $8 million project, named BCR 2000, is under the full responsibility of the Israeli Police and will be carried out over 18 months.

The system, designed by Elbit Systems, fulfills the special needs of Israel, as well as the operational requirements of a wide range of potential users worldwide. The system includes innovative technologies and is based on the latest software and development tools, implementing the Company's extensive experience in large software-intensive projects for the integration of command, control and communication systems for defense customers.

The BCR 2000 project is another step in the process of expanding the Company's scope of activities towards new areas in the field of Information Technology.

Elbit Systems Ltd. is engaged in a wide range of defense-related programs throughout the world, in the areas of aerospace, ground and naval systems, command, control and communications (C3) and advanced electro-optic technologies. The Company focuses on the upgrading of existing military platforms and developing new technologies for defense applications.


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