First Tranche II EJ200 Engine Delivered for Eurofighter Typhoon
(Source: Eurojet; issued July 16, 2007)
HALLBERGMOOS, Germany --- The first Tranche II EJ200 engine was delivered today after the Italian customer officially accepted the engine last Friday. This first Tranche II engine will be installed and flown in IPA 2 aircraft (Instrumented Production Aircraft).

The Tranche II EJ200 engine standard incorporates a Digital Engine Control Monitoring Unit (DECMU), which integrates the engine control and monitoring system into a single unit, providing benefits in terms of cost, mass and functionality. 519 Tranche II engines are scheduled to be delivered in the next five years.

Hartmut J. Tenter, Managing Director of EUROJET Turbo GmbH, stated: “We are very proud of having achieved this important milestone in the programme. The acceptance of the first Tranche II EJ200 engine has been achieved thanks to the combined efforts of NETMA Agency (Eurofighter and Tornado Management), the four Nations’ Ministries of Defence and EUROJET together with its partner companies Avio, ITP, MTU Aero Engines and Rolls-Royce.”

EUROJET Turbo GmbH is the leading European military aerospace engine consortium responsible for the development, production, maintenance, support and sales of the new generation EJ200 engine. The shareholders of EUROJET are Avio (Italy), ITP (Spain), MTU Aero Engines (Germany) and Rolls-Royce (UK).


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