Elisra Introduces New & Upgraded Naval EW Suites at Euronaval 2008
(Source: Elisra; issued Oct. 27, 2008)
EURONAVAL, PARIS --- Elisra - one of the world's leading providers of superior, field-proven defense solutions - offers new, upgraded, proven naval solutions for its Aqua Marine family at Euronaval 2008 in Paris-Le-Bourget, 27 to 31 October 2008, Stand #E-5.

Among the cutting-edge capabilities offered by Elisra are: comprehensive frequency coverage, 100% intercept probability, innovative signal processing, advanced jamming, integrated R&C, and on-board COMINT/DF.

ESM/ECM Suites

Elisra's upgraded Aqua Marine Naval EW solutions replace the NS 9000 family of ESM and ECM systems that included the widely deployed NS-9003/A and NS-9005, NS-9003/A-V2 and NS-9005/A-V2 ESM & ECM systems. The NS-9003/A-V1, a low cost and compact ESM system for small and medium size naval platforms, has also been upgraded. It is a particularly cost-effective choice for second line ships such as mine sweepers/layers, auxiliary ships, patrol craft, coast guard vessels, etc.

The entire Aqua Marine EW systems family features outstanding capabilities and technologies, offering the following configurations:
-- Aqua Marine Integrated EW (ESM & ECM) Suite
-- Aqua Marine Integrated Radar & Communication (R&C ESM and ECM) Suite
-- Aqua Marine ESM
-- Aqua Marine ECM

Comprehensive Frequency Coverage:
For the ESM system, suite frequency coverage includes the low end of P/L band and MMW, while ECM frequency coverage extends to lower frequencies such as the S and C bands, and up to MMW.

Advanced Digital Receivers:
All systems now include a digital IFM Receiver with 100% intercept probability, covering the whole frequency range of the ESM system, as a standard feature. With additional parameter measurement, the company's new digital IFM Receiver enhances parameter measurement accuracy, increases the EW system performance in sensitivity, de-interleaving and emitter identification, significantly decreasing identification ambiguities. The digital IFM Receiver requires no calibration over its entire life cycle.

Multiple Innovations in Signal Processing:
Exploiting advances in computer and CPU technology, Elisra's latest signal processing provides even more powerful capabilities than before. Enabling enhanced operational performance in the increasingly dense Electro-Magnetic combat environment, the Aqua Marine family maintains full functionality even in the face of multi-emitters with more than one million pulses per second of modern and old Radar systems with new frequency and time modulation schemes.

In addition, Elisra's signal processors ensure cost/performance superiority by using COTS equipment with standard software tools in open parallel processing architecture for easy development and continual upgrade of computing hardware, software and signal processing algorithms.

Improved and Enhanced ECM:
By incorporating coherent jamming and deception signal generation, the family's ECM capabilities are greatly enhanced for operation and response in multi-emitter, multi-threat scenarios. The non-coherent jamming and deception capabilities also offer faster response with more accurate tuning to the victim emitter spectrum.

The ECM fully co-exists with the ESM and both maintain maximum operational functionality with no mutual interference. Utilizing sophisticated power management techniques, Elisra's solutions minimize or entirely eliminate the need for time sharing between the ESM's signal reception and the ECM's jamming and deception systems.

Communication ESM (CESM) Suites:
Elisra's NATACS Communication ESM (CESM) system is a cutting-edge tactical COMINT/DF system featuring new generation EW capabilities for coping with agile frequency radios. Fully integrated and equipped with ultra-fast Wide Band Receivers and Direction Finding systems, this is the only on-board COMINT/DF solution of its kind.

Robust in dense electromagnetic surroundings, fusion of NATACS data with that obtained from other on-board ESM systems enables swift acquisition of the complete naval tactical picture.

Integrated Radar and Communication ESM System:
Elisra now offers an integrated Radar and Communication ESM system (R&C ESM). The new system covers the electromagnetic spectrum from HF to MMW. It uses a single antenna unit and is operated from the same operator console.

Elisra comprises of Elisra Electronic Systems Ltd., Tadiran Electronic Systems Ltd. and Tadiran Spectralink Ltd. The company designs, develops, manufactures, integrates and supports advanced system solutions for air, sea and land deployed in over 25 countries. Elisra is a 70% subsidiary of Elbit Systems.


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