F-35 and the Future of Canadian Security
Source: Canadian Defence & Foreign Affairs Institute
Ref: ISSN 1925-4903
Issued Nov. 15, 2012
38 pages in PDF format

Canada's participation in the Joint Strike Fighter project has been fraught with much controversy and a lack of clarity. A new research paper from Richard Shimooka aims to assess how the F-35 meets Canadian requirements over the next few decades.

It concludes that the F-35 likely represents the future of Western tactical air forces for the next 40 years, and that the F-35 is best-suited to meet the future range of foreign and domestic challenges facing Canada.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: This report is only included in the interests of comprehensiveness. Its value in terms of analysis and information content is close to nil, since it takes at face value the arguments made by F-35 proponents without any attempt at checking how these claims have stood up – and continue to stand up - to reality.)

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