Mobilising, Modernising & Transforming Defence
UK Ministry of Defence
Dec. 18, 2018
The British government announced a further £1 billion for defence at the Budget in November, in addition to some £800 million already agreed this year, so a total of £1.8 billion that Defence will benefit from over this year and next. This enables us to proceed with this ambitious programme of change and improvement.

This report describes in more detail the capability investments and policy approaches behind these headlines. Our achievements under the MDP have made Defence stronger. There will be more work to be done as we move towards next year’s Spending Review.

“The MDP has been an ambitious programme of work, ensuring that the UK remains the strongest defence player in Europe, with a full spectrum of nuclear, conventional and cyber capabilities, and global reach and ambition,” said Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson when presenting the report.

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