Assessment on U.S. Defense Implications of China’s Expanding Global Access
US Department of Defense
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Jan. 15, 2019
This report assesses China’s global expansion by military and nonmilitary means, implications of China’s activities, and the U.S. response, as mandated by Section 1259b, “Assessment on United States Defense Implications of China’s Expanding Global Access,” of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2018, Public Law 115-91.

U.S. Response
The Department has responded to these implications in line with the U.S. National Defense Strategy (NDS) and in support of whole-of-government action. The NDS identifies long-term strategic competitions with China and Russia as the principal priorities for the Department.

The Department is implementing four strategic ways: building a more lethal force to gain military advantage, strengthening allies and partners to generate robust networks that can advance shared interests, reforming the Department to realize greater performance and affordability, and expanding the competitive space to create U.S. advantages and impose dilemmas on competitors.

Importantly, competition does not mean conflict is inevitable, or preclude cooperation with China on areas of mutual interest. The NDS sets the U.S. military relationship with China on a path of transparency and non-aggression.

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