Opportunities for European Collaboration in Armoured Vehicles
Rand Corporation
DOI: 10.7249/RR2903 / Document Number: RR-2903-EDA
Jan 23, 2019
Europe is experiencing an increase in investment in land capabilities after more than a decade of limited spending in this area.

A number of EU member states have indicated interest and planned investments in acquisition and modernisation of armoured vehicles.

This study was carried out in support of the European Defence Agency's work to identify potential areas of collaboration for its participating Member States and partner countries, thus developing European defence capabilities and promoting armaments cooperation.

The study examined the current armoured vehicle demand and supply landscape. As a result of the analysis, researchers identified five potential collaboration opportunities and analysed the potential related costs and benefits of each.

The present study was ordered by the European Defence Aggency. The contractor who has undertaken the study remains responsible for its contents.

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