Lithuania National Threat Assessment 2019
Lithuanian Ministry of Defence
ISBN 978-609-412-162-3
Feb. 05, 2019
National Security Threat Assessment by the State Security Department
of the Republic of Lithuania (VSD) and the Second Investigation Department
under the Ministry of National Defence (AOTD) is presented to the public in accordance with the Articles 8 and 26 of the Law on Intelligence of the Republic of Lithuania.

The document provides a consolidated, unclassified assessment of threats and risks to national security of the Republic of Lithuania prepared by both intelligence services.

The document assesses events, processes and trends that make the biggest influence on national security situation in the Republic of Lithuania.

Based on them and considering the long-term trends affecting
national security, the document provides the assessment of major
challenges that the Lithuanian national security is to face in the near term (2019–2020).

The assessments of long-term trends project the perspective
up to 10 years.

The assessment is based on information available before 1 December 2018.

Full text
66 PDF pages

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