Long-Term Implications of the 2019 Future Years Defense Program
Congressional Budget Office
February 13, 2019
In most years, the Department of Defense (DoD) produces a five-year plan, called the Future Years Defense Program (FYDP), that is associated with the budget it submits to the Congress.

This report describes the Congressional Budget Office’s analysis of the 2019 FYDP, which was issued in April 2018 and summarizes DoD’s expectations about the costs of its plans from 2019 through 2023.

Because decisions made in the near term can have consequences for the defense budget in the longer term, CBO projected the costs of that plan through 2033.

CBO estimates that if the Department of Defense implemented the plans described in its 2019 Future Years Defense Program, its base-budget costs (in 2019 dollars) would climb from the $617 billion requested for 2019 to $735 billion in 2033.

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