The Fourth Meeting of Ukrainian-Russian Subcommitee on Questions of Cooperation in Sphere of Aviation Industry Took Place at ANTONOV ASTC
(Source: Antonov; issued March 25, 2009)
On March 24, 2009, the fourth meeting of Ukrainian-Russian subcommitee on questions of cooperation in sphere of aviation industry took place at ANTONOV ASTC. Leaders of the ministries and aviation enterprises of both contries participated in it. The Ukrainian party of the subcommitee was headed by Mr. Pinskii, First Deputy Minister of industrial policy of Ukraine – Chairman of Agency on Defense Industrial Complex, the Russian one – by Mr. Mantourov, Deputy Minister of industry and trade of Russian Federation.

During the meeting parties considered a number of questions directed at strengthening of cooperation in aviation branch including:

--insertion of additions into the Agreement between governments of Ukraine and Russian Federation on cooperation in sphere of development, production, deliveries and operation of aircraft dated August 20, 1997;
--possible ways of integration of “Joint Aviation Company” Russian JSC and Ukrainian aircraft building enterprises;
--joint production of AN-148, AN-140 and AN-74 families;
--assumption of serial production of AN-124 heavy transport.

As a result of the discussion the parties signed the Minutes with certain measures to realize the abovementioned questions.

Mr. Kiva, ANTONOV ASTC General Designer, President of Antonov Aircraft Building Concern, said: “Today we have worked very productively. It is pleasantly, that we have come to terms with our Russian colleagues practically in all questions. Our today’s meeting, without doubt, became one more fruitful step on the way of many years cooperation of aviation plants of Ukraine and Russia”.


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