Rheinmetall Defence Electronics Supplies Flight Simulator for MiG-29 K Carrier Aircraft
(Source: Rheinmetall Detec; dated March 15, web-posted March 16, 2005)
Acting in close cooperation with the Russian aircraft manufacturer MiG, the Simulation and Training unit of Rheinmetall Defence Electronics GmbH (RDE) will be supplying the Indian Navy with a full-mission simulator complete with Avior laser system for the carrier variant of its MiG-29 K fighter planes.

The result of successful cooperation over several years in the development of high-tech simulators, the Bremen-based company signed a multi-million euro contract with the MiG Russian Aircraft Corporation at the end of last year.

The training suite will be equipped with the Avior laser system, which will also be used in the Tornado flight simulator of the German Air Force. Thanks to the latest laser technology, Avior offers a brilliant picture with very high contrast levels. For this particular project, it will ensure an exceptionally high degree of realism in simulating take-offs and landings on an aircraft carrier. In simulating a night landing, for example, the lights of the runway can be simulated extremely vividly. Owing to the enhanced image contrast, the Avior laser projection system depicts the day and night view much more realistically than other systems.

The simulator is scheduled for delivery to the Indian Navy in 2007. "Cooperation with MiG and the associated export potential have always represented an important strategic goal for us. With this first order, we are taking an important step forward," declares Jürgen Michel, Sales Manager at RDE. Both sides intend to continue cooperating beyond this project. Back in 2001, RDE had already signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Russian firm for the development and marketing of flight simulators in the export markets of the Russian aircraft industry.

Here the technology portfolios of the two companies complement each other in an ideal way. A possible joint product palette aims at covering the complete simulation spectrum from low-cost systems on a PC basis through to the latest generation of high-end simulators.

The background to the current order is the sale of the Russian aircraft carrier 'Admiral Gorshkov' as well as 28 MiG fighters and several helicopters to the Indian Navy. In this connection, the corresponding training equipment for the carrier variant of the MiG-29 K will also be delivered.

The delivery of the first full-mission simulator with Avior is an important step forward for the Indian Navy, enhancing the quality and efficiency of the flight training of its future MiG-29 K fighter pilots.


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