Singapore – Weapons and Logistics/Training Support for F-15 Aircraft
(Source: US Defense Security Cooperation Agency; dated Aug. 22, web-posted Aug. 23, 2005)
On 22 August 2005, the Defense Security Cooperation Agency notified Congress of a possible Foreign Military Sale to Singapore of weapons, logistics, and training support for F-15 aircraft as well as associated equipment and services. The total value, if all options are exercised, could be as high as $741 million.

The Government of Singapore has requested a possible sale of Major Defense Equipment (MDE):

--200 AIM-120C Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missiles (AMRAAM);
--6 AMRAAM Captive Air Training (CAT) Missiles;
--50 MK-82 GBU-38 Joint Direct Attack Munitions (JDAM) w/BLU-111 warhead;
--44 AN/AVS-9(V) Night Vision Goggles;
--24 Link 16 Multifunctional Information Distribution System/Low Volume Terminals (Fighter Data Link Terminals);
--30 AGM-154A-1 Joint Standoff Weapons w/BLU-111;
--30 AGM-154C Joint Standoff Weapons;
--200 AIM-9X SIDEWINDER Missiles;
--24 AIM-9X SIDEWINDER CAT and Dummy Missiles;

Non- MDE:

--300,000 20mm Practice Round Cartridges;
--100 KMU-556 GBU-31 JDAM Tail Kit Assemblies;
--4 MK-82 and MK-84 Bomb Practice trainers; and
--testing; integration; devices; containers; common munitions built-in test reprogramming equipment; mission data production system; drones; technical coordination program; engine component management program; aircrew safety equipment; foreign liaison officer administration support; training equipment; repair and return services; technical assistance; missile planning system; technical orders; electronic warfare systems and support; weapons trainers; weapon system reports; missile container; spare and repair parts; supply support; integration and technical services; spares; support and test equipment; personnel training and training equipment; software support; publications and technical documentation; training; life support and survival equipment; studies and surveys; ground support equipment; training missiles; U.S. Government and contractor technical and logistics personnel services and other related elements of logistics support.

The estimated cost is $741 million.

Singapore has requested a competition between U.S. contractors and foreign competitors for an aircraft program. If Singapore selects the F-15 aircraft, the aircraft and engines will be purchased commercially, for which there would be an eventual 36(c) notification of the commercial sale. This proposed sale includes the weapons and logistics support for the F-15 aircraft.

This proposed sale will contribute to the foreign policy and national security of the United States by helping to improve the security of a friendly country that has been, and continues to be, an important force for economic progress in Southeast Asia.

This proposed sale will provide Singapore with a credible self-defense capability that will deter aggression in the region and ensure interoperability with U.S. forces for coalition operations. Current U.S. Government policy is to enhance and strengthen our relationship with Singapore and this proposed sale will bring our two militaries closer together. Other countries in the region already or will soon possess this capability. Singapore needs these munitions to modernize its defensive capability, increase interoperability with U.S. forces, and provide a viable deterrent force in protection of vital ports and waterways. Singapore will use these munitions in defense of its sovereignty, or as part of an international coalition. These munitions will significantly improve its military capability by providing an intermediate-range anti-aircraft capability. Singapore is a modern, hightech nation that can absorb these weapons into its armed forces.

The proposed sale of this equipment and support will not affect the basic military balance in the region.

The principal contractors will be Raytheon Missile System Corporation of Tucson, Arizona and Boeing Integrated Defense Solutions of St. Louis. There are no known offset agreements proposed in connection with this potential sale.

There will be up to 10 U.S. Government personnel and 10 contractor representatives for two-week intervals annually to participate in program management and technical reviews.

There will be no adverse impact on U.S. defense readiness as a result of this proposed sale.

This notice of a potential sale is required by law; it does not mean that the sale has been concluded.


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