Arms Exports Report for 2004
Source: French Ministry of Defence
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Released Dec. 20, 2005 in French only
52 pages in PDF format (224 pages including appendices)

France booked arms export orders worth 3.4 billion euros in 2004, and delivered 7.1 billion euros of military equipment to foreign buyers, according to this report to Parliament.
This annual report to Parliament analyzes arms export agreements concluded by France in 2004, as well as military equipment actually exported during the same year. The information is broken down by region, by country and by type of equipment, and numerous appendices are provided to allow detailed analysis. Most of the information covers the last ten years.
Also included is background information on the legal and procedural framework governing French arms exports, as well as information on the number of export applications that were turned down.
This report’s greatest failing is that it is available only in French.

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