Navantia Starts Construction of 8 Patrol Boats for Venezuela
(Source: Navantia; dated May 26, web-posted May 29, 2006) (Edited for style)
The General Commander of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Admiral Armando Laguna, and the president of Navantia, Juan Pedro Gomez Jaen have signed today in the facilities of Navantia in San Fernando and Puerto Real, the start of the construction works of 8 patrol boats for Venezuela, contracted last 28 November.

It is four oceanic patrol boats for vigilance of the economic exclusive zone, and four patrol boats for vigilance of the coast, designed both by Navantia for defence missions of the Venezuela sea and coasts. Among the missions, it is to highlight the vigilance and control of the fishing area, protection against smuggling and drug traffic, as well as the defence of the maritime traffic in general.

This contract means 4.5 million working hours for the shipyard and the auxiliary industry. Construction will take place in the de San Fernando- Puerto Real shipyard, providing the Bay of Cadiz an occupation until the end of 2011.

Besides this fact, this contract also has a strong comercial impact for Navantia, as allows its positioning in a growing market, with an own last-generation project.


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