Rheinmetall to Supply Kuwait with Naval Guns
(Source: Rheinmetall AG; issued July 5, 2006)
The US Department of Defense has contracted with Rheinmetall AG of Duesseldorf, Germany to provide medium-calibre guns to arm the fast interceptor craft America is supplying to the Kuwaiti Navy under the Foreign Military Sales Programme.

The total value of the framework contract for the MLG 27 light naval gun is approximately EUR 40 million; covering 12 systems, the initial order is worth around EUR 28.2 million.

The Kuwait contract represents an export breakthrough for the product. At home, the MLG 27 has been selected to serve as the German Navy’s new standard gun, with the first of 87 weapons already installed.

This state-of-the-art naval weapon system will enable Kuwait’s MKV-C fast interceptor craft to defend themselves in new operational scenarios, especially from terrorist attacks but also in the fight against piracy and in anti-smuggling operations.

Combining a highly dynamic gun carriage, precise optronics and advanced ammunition technology, the 27mm weapon system assures accurate engagement of lightweight, agile surface targets with a very high kill probability.

The MLG 27 can be installed in practically all classes of ships and boats without cutting into the deck. Operated by remote control, the system is equipped with a sensor system for tracking targets day and night, enabling automatic target tracking as well as manual control.

It is made by Rheinmetall Waffe Munition GmbH’s Mauser Oberndorf unit, a global leader in medium-calibre weapon systems. Headquartered in Ratingen, Germany, Rheinmetall Waffe Munition GmbH is a subsidiary of Duesseldorf-based Rheinmetall AG.


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