Press Release
(Source: Rostvertol; issued July 18, 2006)
On the 12th of July 2006 Vice Prime Minister – Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation - Sergey Ivanov having visited Rostvertol plc (Russia, Rostov-on-Don) said that the country will always support the defence enterprises manufacturing competitive products.

“The Ministry of Defence finally staked on the Mi-28N helicopter which will be the basic combat helicopter for our Armed Forces”, - said Sergey Ivanov.

He informed as well that the Ministry of Defence till the end of 2006 shall buy from Rostvertol plc 7 new Mi-28N helicopters - the Night Hunters.

“Due to helicopters high efficiency in fighting against terrorists” - the Minister added, - “the MoD within 9 years shall buy from the Rostov enterprise 67 Night Hunters.


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