MBDA Refutes Misleading Reports Regarding Its Cooperation with India
(Source: MBDA; issued Oct. 23, 2006)
The 18th September 2006 issue of Defense News claims that MBDA will be supporting a series of Indian missile programmes, specifically the Sagarika cruise missile as well as the Prithvi and Agni theatre missile systems.

MBDA categorically refutes these totally erroneous claims which were neither checked nor verified with MBDA by either of the two journalists responsible for the article.

What is accurate in the article is that MBDA has indeed agreed with India’s Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) to support a number of anti-tank and air defence programmes.

The quotes attributed to Indian and French diplomatic sources in the article are highly misleading in that they do not specifically mention the programmes involved. This has undoubtedly served to confuse readers about MBDA’s actual area of cooperation with the DRDO, a cooperation which is fully compliant with not only French but also all international agreements.


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