New Counter-Terrorist Technology to Be Tested in Germany
(Source: NATO; issued March 21, 2007)
Germany is to host a technology demonstration for Defence Against Mortar Attacks (DAMA), at its firing range in Todendorf, 27-28 March.

The DAMA initiative is part of the NATO Conference of National Armaments Directors’ Programme of Work for the Defence Against Terrorism.

Led by the Netherlands, and supported by 11 other NATO countries, the initiative aims to find technological and non-technical solutions to counter the threat of mortar attacks by terrorists.

A real threat

With this threat now having become an ever increasing issue for forces and civilian populations across the globe, NATO is intensely engaged on finding rapid and effective counter-measure solutions.

“The Defence Against Mortar Attack Proof of Concept Demonstration hosted by Germany, will be a significant milestone for both the Dutch-led DAMA Working Group, and NATO’s Programme of Work for the Defence Against Terrorism,” said Mario Bartoli, NATO’s Counter-Terrorism Technology Coordinator

“The Netherlands has worked in close collaboration with other Alliance nations to develop a “system of systems” that integrates an array of battlefield sensors, surveillance systems and response platforms to protect against and respond to mortar threats,” he adds.

Along with a live-fire demonstration that will show how varied sensors are integrated to prevent, detect, warn, and protect against mortar attacks, industry will also display their latest cutting-edge technologies.

“This demonstration will clearly show the effective partnership between the Alliance’s military, armaments, industrial, science and research communities as they seek counter-measure solutions for threats faced by NATO’s deployed forces and those populations NATO is sent to protect,” stressed Mr. Bartoli.

Over 20 companies, from Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, the United Kingdom and the United States will participate in this important demonstration.


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