Norway to Re-Launch SAR Helicopter Competition
(Source: Norwegian Ministry of Justice and Police; issued May 16, 2007)
State secretary of the Norwegian Ministry of Justice and the Police, Mr. Terje Moland Pedersen, will conduct a seminar at the Paris Airshow on June 18th to announce the new acquisition program for up to 10-12 new Search and Rescue helicopters.

The Ministry of Justice and the Police (MoJ) is responsible for the acquisition program for new rescue helicopters as replacement for the 35 years old Sea Kings.

It is of vital importance that the acquisition program lead to multi engine, long range, wide capacity all weather SAR helicopters suitable for operation over the Norwegian waters in harsh weather condition and in the Norwegian topography with high mountains and low temperatures. It is equally important that these helicopters are equipped with state of the art search and rescue equipment and built to the latest safety standards. The program plan has targeted the implementation phase to be 2011 – 2014.

As a part of the initial phase of the project, MoJ will conduct a market study in order to have updated knowledge of opportunities and possibilities from the helicopter market. Interested manufacturers / suppliers will get the opportunity to forward replies to the MoJ questionnaire.

A delegation from the MoJ is planning to visit Paris Air Show between the 18th and 21st of June 2007. The delegation will be approx. 5-10 people, also including members from the Ministry of Defence, and will be headed by State Secretary Mr. Terje Moland Pedersen. Senior management will also be present.

In order to have professional outcome of the visit, the MoJ will draw attention to the following:

- MoJ will give a short forum presentation with status and the future plans linked to the acquisition of new rescue helicopter to pre-booked helicopter manufacturers.

- The mini seminar is not yet scheduled, but a tentative plan is Monday afternoon at Le Bourget.

- MoJ intends to visit as many interested helicopter manufacturer as possible, by individual meetings. The manufacturers are invited to give a short presentation of their actual candidates for the next Norwegian SAR helicopters. If possible; a brief demonstration of real potential rescue helicopter (static and/or operational) will be appreciated.


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