Decoy Round Brings Improved Protection to Royal Navy Fleet
(Source: UK Defence Procurement Agency; issued Feb. 25, 2004)
The Mk 251 Active Decoy Round (ADR) is now in service with the Royal Navy, providing the fleet with the very highest level of protection against attack from homing missiles.

The ADR uses unique technology to produce a powerful jamming signal which lures missiles away from their original targets.

As soon as an incoming missile is identified by the ship’s Onboard Electronic Support Measures Equipment, the system automatically selects the appropriate barrel to launch from and sets the timing of a parachute to automatically deploy the ADR to the best location.

Once it has reached a pre-determined distance from the ship, the ADR deploys an ingenious ‘para- ing’ which keeps it suspended in the air, while its electronics emit a radar signal that attracts the incoming missile - ‘seducing’ it towards the ADR and away from the ship.

The program has also seen the Seagnat Control System, used on ships to deploy chaff and infra-red countermeasures, converted to allow them to fire the ADR.

The system will now be available to all Royal Navy warships and has already been deployed on operations in the Gulf.

Minister for Defence Procurement Lord Bach said: “This new system will play a vital role in protecting the fleet and gives us one of the most advanced ship defense systems in the world.

“The firing trials demonstrated how effective the Active Decoy Round is. They are a welcome addition to our fleet protection measures and will remain a vital part of our defenses for the next ten years.”


--The ADR was procured from BAE Systems in Stanmore by the Naval Electronic Warfare IPT based at Abbey Wood.
--The ADR can be deployed anywhere up to 500m from the ship and works by luring anti-ship missiles away from the ship towards the decoy.
--The ADR consists of three major parts: A rocket motor to propel the round away from the ship, a two-stage parachute system and an advanced electronic payload for detecting and countering the missile threat.
--The payload contains some of the most up to date radio frequency, digital and analogue circuitry packed into a tube only 125mm diameter and one meter long.
--The system will be fitted to all warships - Type 42 and 45 Destroyers; Type 22 and 23 Frigates; Carriers, LPH, LPD and AOR.


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