2012-2016 JIEDDO Counter-IED Strategic Plan Released
(Source: U.S Department of Defense; issued February 14, 2012)
The Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization (JIEDDO) released its 2012-2016 counter-improvised explosive device (IED) strategic plan intended to provide the framework to coordinate the Defense Department’s counter-IED efforts.

The JIEDDO is tasked to lead DoD’s actions to rapidly provide counter-IED capabilities in support of the combatant commanders and to enable the defeat of the IED as a weapon of strategic influence.

The strategy, looking at the next five years, attempts to capture the lessons learned during the previous ten years since operations began in Afghanistan and Iraq. The plan outlines five principal goals: rapidly identify, validate and prioritize immediate and future counter-IED requirements; provide operations and intelligence fusion; rapidly seek, develop and acquire counter-IED solutions; lead DoD counter-IED training; and build a joint, interagency, intergovernmental and international community of action.

At its core, the plan highlights five enduring capabilities needed to ensure DoD stays ahead of the ever-evolving IED threat. Those enduring capabilities include rapid acquisition and fielding, operations-intelligence-formation fusion, training, weapons technical intelligence and a whole-of-government approach to the IED threat.

Additionally, the strategy also identifies future research and development capability gaps for 2012: pre-detonation, counter threat network, detection, counter-device, homemade explosives, information integration and visualization, and weapons technical intelligence. These identified areas are designed to accelerate the most promising counter-IED solutions to combat the IED challenge.

Click here for the full document (24 pages in PDF format) on the JIEDDO website.


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