For The First Time: Iron Dome Interception in Eilat
(Source: Israel Air Force; issued Aug. 13, 2013)
Last night, the Iron Dome system intercepted for the first time a rocket that fired towards the city of Eilat. The battery was placed in the Eilat area last month following assessments of rocket fire towards the city by terrorist squads based in Sinai, because of an operation conducted by the Egyptian military in the peninsula. No damage was reported, and three people were treated for anxiety attacks.

This is the first time that soldiers of the aerial defense division have experienced an interception in the southern city: the Eilat area was added to the list of operational sites of the system last year, as part of deployment and preparation of the batteries throughout the country. A battery of the interception system was deployed in the city at the height of the tourist season, following fears of rocket and missile fire toward the city and harm to the residents, and last week the airspace above Eilat was even closed per IDF orders.

The daily routine of combat soldiers and interceptors of the Iron Dome consists of shifts around the clock at the launching sites and the interception management centers. Through this routine, the positions of the system are manned around the click and are ready to act against any threat that comes their way.


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