Siberian Air Base Gets New Su-30SM Fighter Jets
(Source: RIA Novosti; published Dec. 5, 2013)
(This is one of the last defense articles published by the Russian News Agency, RIA Novosti, before it was abruptly shut down on Dec. 9 by Russian President Vladimir Putin. -- Ed.)
The Russian air force’s first operational Su-30SM fighters have landed at the Domna air base; in Siberia, where the first operational unit is standing up. (RIA photo)
An aviation regiment equipped with the latest generation of Russian fighter jets is currently being formed in Siberia’s Baikal region.

The regiment will be the first in Russia to receive the 4++ generation aircraft.

The Su-30SM is the latest development of the twin-seat Su-30 jet fighter family, itself a derivative of the long-serving single-seat Sukhoi Su-27, one of the air force’s most important warplanes.

The Domna air base is to get 10 such aircraft by the end of the year. Ten more will be provided next year in order to establish an aviation regiment equipped only with the newest Russian fighter jets.

The Su-30SM can detect enemy aircraft at a distance of more than 100 kilometers (60 miles).

The new aircraft has better radar and communications capabilities, an improved friend-or-foe system, a new ejection seat and new weapons.


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