DCNS Wins €1Bn Egyptian Order for Corvettes
(Source: Defense-Aerospace.com; posted June 3, 2014)
PARIS --- Egypt recently awarded French shipyard group DCNS a €1 billion contract for the acquisition of four Gowind corvettes, the French news website La Tribune reported June 3, adding that the French offer had beaten off rival bids from Germany’s ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems (Meko A200 corvettes) and the Dutch Damen Schelde group (Sigma corvette).

This contract has not been announcement or confirmed.

The contract covers two ships with another two on option, of which one would be built in France and the others in Egypt. The Gowind design selected by Egypt is the Gowind 2,400 tonne variant, fitted with DCNS’ own SETIS combat management system. The contract with DCNS does not include the ships’ armament, which will be provided by MBDA, and which La Tribune says will include MICA VL air-defense missiles and Exocet MM-40 anti-ship missiles. The missile installations are valued at about €50 million, with another €300-400 million for the missiles themselves.

This the Gowind’s second export contract, La Tribune said, after a Malaysian order for six corvettes (still not announced by DCNS), and reinforces the company’s position in Uruguay, where it is competing for an order for three Gowind corvettes, including the DCNS-financed lead ship and concept demonstrator L’Adroit.


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