Israel Aerospace Industries Presents Green Rock – a Mobile Counter Rocket, Artillery & Mortar Radar System for Infantry and Armored Units
(Source: Israel Aerospace Industries; issued June 11, 2014)
Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) presents Green Rock – a mobile autonomous tactical counter Rocket, Artillery & Mortar (C-RAM) system. This system was delivered to the Israel Defense Forces and named Wind Shield by the IDF.

The system will be on display at the Eurosatory exhibition being held between June 16-20 in Paris, France (at IAI's Booth, E-738).

Green Rock is designed to support a variety of ground force protection missions, including fire source location, friendly forces fire correction, and detection of low-flying airborne targets such as UAVs, gliders and hovering platforms.

The system provides a complete low/high trajectory target, real-time intelligence and rapid response solution for tactical forces. Green Rock's mission is to locate fire squad positions, distribute selective warning alarms and enable an effective fire response.
The system, developed by ELTA systems, an IAI group and subsidiary, can be installed on a variety of mobile or stationary platforms such as armored personnel carriers, high mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicles, and all-terrain vehicles.

Green Rock includes a Phased-Array Pulse Doppler Radar which acquires and tracks the trajectories of ballistic munitions such as rockets, artillery and mortars, calculates the point from which they were launched, and predicts the location of the expected impact. This information is reported, via a communications system, to friendly forces to indicate and provide warning of relevant threats. Data can be also sent to precision weapons systems to allow a rapid and accurate response to source of the threat.

Based on field-proven mature systems, Green Rock is highly reliable, provides a high detection range and impact point accuracy. It does not require active cooling, and allows for fast deployment and autonomous operation. (ends)

Israel Aerospace Industries Presents Advanced Land Solutions at Eurosatory
(Source: Israel Aerospace Industries; issued June 11, 2014)
Eurosatory 2014 – Israel Aerospace Industries' (IAI) will display a variety of advanced land solutions at the upcoming Eurosatory exhibition, the largest international land and air-land defense and security exhibition in Europe, to be held on June 16 to June 20, Paris, France. (Booth E-738).

IAI will present various missiles, Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions - such as the Ghost and Mini Panther. IAI’s display will also include electro-optical payloads, Tac4G, IAI’s secure tactical smartphone, mine-blast-resistant seats for ground vehicles, and new systems for the advanced protection of tactical forces.

IAI focuses on implementing the company’s advanced capabilities to provide total solutions to the customer as the land battlefield constantly evolves. This includes the adaptation of highly-advanced capabilities from air and space to the land arena, resulting from technological advances and minimization capabilities developed in IAI.

The combination of IAI’s wide array of intelligence gathering means and their connection with the company’s advanced communications systems results in effective solutions for area dominance and superiority. IAI’s well-established capabilities in the robotics field also serve as a unique asset as both local and global battlefields are evolving increasingly in this direction.

Joseph Weiss, IAI’s president and CEO said: “IAI is intensifying its activities in the land warfare market and considers this to be a strategic field for the company. IAI offers a unique variety of advanced solutions and combines multiple disciplines and technological areas into a total solution. IAI is uniquely able to offer such solutions based on its extensive array of technologies. There are not many other companies around the world today able to provide such solutions.”

IAI's solutions for the land arena consist of four layers:

• Advanced means for intelligence gathering and area dominance – to see, understand and respond - with superiority. Examples of such means are Black Granite, and advanced radars which allow observation of specific areas, as well as various UAVs – including Panther and mini-Panther, Ghost, and Heron.

• Means of precision attack– to allow for an accurate response at various levels – for example Lora, Lahat and Topgun.

• Tracking and defense capabilities for maneuvering forces – for example Green Rock, the MIDS system and the MMR radar.

• Connecting this extensive array of solutions and advanced means into an innovative and secured communication network. One example for this is IAI’s TAC4G system – which allows for on-the-move deployment of a "cellular cloud" and wideband data transfer. The system creates a network which permits the allocation of data to the relevant commanders for onsite decision-making.


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