China Starts Domestic Production of Rubber for Military Aircraft Tires
(Source: China Military Online; issued July 15, 2015)
BEIJING --- The PLA Air Force gave a passport on July 7 to the military aircraft tires made of natural rubber from a domestic producer. The military aircraft tires are jointly developed by Hainan Rubber Group and Shuguang Rubber Industry Research & Design Institute.

This is a signal that the domestic production of high-end rubber for the manufacturing of China's military aircraft tires will be realized.

China is the fifth largest producer of natural rubber in the world, but its high-end rubber used for the aviation industry has been depending on imports for a variety of reasons.

To let China's military aircraft use home-made tires as early as possible, the departments concerned of the PLA Air Force joined hands with Hainan Rubber Group and Shuguang Rubber Industry Research & Design Institute to set up the "Aeronautical Rubber Research and Production Center of the PLA Air Force" at the beginning of 2014.

The researchers working with the center conducted hundreds of tests, compared their test results with the standards of international fellow traders repeatedly, kept improving the processing technologies and formulas. Finally, the Chinese natural rubber-made aircraft tires reached international standards.

Relevant experts said that this move is of great and far-reaching strategic significance for China to build its national defense and break away from other countries' control of some important military materials. It's learnt that Hainan Rubber Group has planned to build a special rubber park for the manufacturing of military aircraft tires.


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