Vyškov Was Opened Multinational Aviation Training Centre
(Source: Czech Minister of Defence; issued September 17, 2015)
The Vyskov inaugurated headquarters of the Multinational Aviation Training Centre (MATC). Directorate of MATC, against which the Czech Republic fulfills the role of the host country, will coordinate the use of the training capacities of the participating countries and to provide comprehensive training and special training programs helicopters type Mi member and partner countries of NATO.

MATC was created by signing a Memorandum of Understanding by the Defence Ministers of the participating countries 24 June 2015 in Brussels on the sidelines of the session of the North Atlantic Council. The activities of the Directorate MATC then commenced on 1 July this year, which was founded in subordination to the commander of the Training Command - Military Academy. The highest decision-making body MATC's Steering Committee (Steering Board), whose inaugural session also took place on September 17 under the chairmanship of Air Force Commander Brigadier General Libor Stefanik.

Project Multinational Aviation Training Centre (MATC - Multinational Aviation Training Centre) presented the Czech Republic as part of the NATO initiative for sharing capabilities so. Smart Defence, and was approved at the NATO Summit in Chicago in 2012. Participating countries will seek accreditation headquarters MATC so It became a NATO military equipment - preferably already by the end of next year. In this case, MATC gets legal personality and will operate under the NATO flag.

MATC center, whose operation is involved except the Czech Republic also in Croatia, Hungary and Slovakia, aims to provide comprehensive training and a specially designed training programs for flying and ground personnel to the subscriber and the third, the partner countries. Training activities will be provided with the maximum use of existing capabilities and structures.

It is not a new training facility, but the use of available capacity in individual countries

"They will not create new training facilities. All capacities including aircraft technicians, training facilities and others, will remain in the possession and management of individual member countries, which will use them for their own needs and only unused capacity through MATC will offer its partners, "explains Václav Cejka of Defence Policy and Strategy Ministry Defense, who as head of the working team prepared project.

At the same time he added that from a military standpoint, the biggest contribution of the project to increase the level of standardization of training and thus interoperability between the air forces of the participating countries. It is also expected that the optimal utilization of available capacities, which will be implemented by sharing training segments will result in financial savings.

In the Czech Republic, for example, intends to use the Air Training Centre in Pardubice (part of the state enterprise LOM Praha), which has airplanes, helicopters and simulators. The company HTP Ostrava then provides flight simulator for helicopters Mi-17 / 171st The army in turn has, for example, a military training area Libava, capacities University of Defence and the Military Academy and the Institute of Aviation Medicine in Prague.

The training will be conducted in helicopters type Mi with which the Czech Republic has many years of experience and have been many times successfully deployed in foreign operations. "The signed memorandum but also envisages the possibility of integrating other types of helicopters and long term, fixed wing aircraft," said the scale of the possible future uses of the ability MATC Air Force Commander Brigadier General Libor Stefanik.

Czech Republic, as the leading country of the project, it assumes that a training center at MATC will not only among alliance partners interested. Further developments in this field will of course be associated with the selection of a particular type of helicopter technology, which replaces the disposal of ACR helicopters Mi-24th


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