Russian Helicopters Will Help Equip Iran’s Center for Repairing Civilian Mi-17 Helicopters
(Source: Rostec; issued Nov 12, 2015)
The holding company Russian Helicopters has signed contracts to assist the Iranian company RANHA in retrofitting the service center for repairing civilian Mi-17 helicopters and supplying spare parts, according to Alexander Shcherbinin, Deputy CEO of Russian Helicopters.

Two contracts were signed following the agreements reached with the Iranian Organization for Aviation Industry during the MAKS airshow, as well as in accordance with a memorandum signed in October 2015 with the PANHA plant regarding its retrofitting.

According to Alexander Shcherbinin, the first contract, reached during the Dubai Airshow-2015, specifies the general conditions for providing technical assistance in retrofitting the center for the maintenance and overhaul of Mi-17 helicopters.

"The second contract outlines the general conditions for supplying spare parts as well as documentation for the maintenance and repair of Mi-17 helicopters. At the same time, the Iranians have provided the Russian side with information about the state of the aircraft that will be repaired at the plant, as well as for the equipment installed in these helicopters,” Shcherbinin said, as quoted by RIA Novosti.

A roadmap has already been agreed upon for building in Iran a large-scale center for service and capital repairs of Mi-17 helicopters.


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