Russia Increases Number of Aircraft Involved In Syria Operation
(Source: TASS; published November 20, 2015)
MOSCOW --- Russia’s air group involved in the anti-terrorist operation in Syria has been reinforced by eight Su-34 warplanes and a flight of Su-27SM3 aircraft, Alexey Maksimtsev, the commander of the Russian Aerospace Forces’ group based at the Hmeymim aerodrome in Syria, reported to President Vladimir Putin.

"The air group has been reinforced by eight Su-34 bombers and a flight of Su-27SM3 fighters that were used to destroy targets in the provinces of Raqqh and Dei ez-Zor," he said.

He said Russian warplanes had flown a total of 394 sorties since November 17.

Maksimtsev said all types of reconnaissance operation were conducted in Syria to deliver guaranteed precise strikes at terrorist targets. "State-of-the-art unmanned aerial vehicles are used to detect targets and control air strikes," he said.

According to the commander, massive strikes had been delivered at terrorists’ oil and gas infrastructure facilities, control centers, munitions depots, training centers and facilities for the production of missiles and land mines.

"It made it possible to disorganize control and considerably undermine economic potential of terrorist organizations," Maksimtsev said.

In his words, the air operation had facilitates offensive attacks of the Syrian government troops in all directions. Most successful offensive had been stages in Aleppo and in mountainous areas in Latakia.

"Russian warplanes continue to deliver massive air strikes. There are no casualties among personnel and no losses among aircraft. The psychological state of the personnel is high," he added.


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