Ammunition Delivered to Iraq to Assist In the Fight Against IS
(Source: Czech Ministry of Defence; issued November 25, 2015)
The Czech Republic continues to deliver ammunition and other military material to Iraq to help the Kurdish and Iraqi Armed Forces in their fight against the militants of the Islamic State.

American and British aircraft this week successfully completed several round trips, transporting ten million machine-gun cartridges and five thousand hand grenades from Pardubice airport to Baghdad airport.

The consignment was handed over to representatives of the Iraqi government who then distributed the ammunition to the relevant military units.

The gift is the Czech Republic's contribution to the ever increasing effort of the international community to curb the expansion of the Islamic State which have escalated its attacks beyond the territories of Iraq and Syria.

"The Czech support to Iraq will continue indefinitely. Further deliveries will include machine-gun cartridges, anti-tank weapons, hand grenades and possibly 6000 pieces of type 58 assault rifles, the latter items are still under negotiation and I believe a decision regarding these rifles will be forthcoming by the end of this year," said Deputy Defence Minister Jakub Landovsky.

The first parts of the consignment were flown to Baghdad last September, and again in December, by a Canadian aircraft. In accordance with the agreement of the Iraqi Government hundreds of tons of military material was handed over to the Kurdish Regional Government in Erbil.


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