Israel Signs 15-year Engine Maintenance Deal with Pratt & Whitney
(Source: Arutz Sheva; published Dec 01, 2015)
The Ministry of Defense signed on Monday a 15-year agreement with US engine producer Pratt & Whitney, for the maintenance of the engines of the IAF's F-15I "Ra'am" and F-16I "Sufa" jet fighters.

The deal was signed in the US by means of the Defense Ministry's delegation there and with the presence of the IAF as well.

The maintenance deal involves hundreds of millions of dollars and will go into force on January 1, 2016. It will make sure that at any given point in time, the IAF will have a set number of working engines at its disposal, for the jet fighters. Pratt & Whitney will be fully responsible for the maintenance, including logistics forecasting, management, upgrades and supply of spare parts.

At the Defense Ministry's insistence, Pratt & Whitney will be responsible, as a first priority, to make use of the maintenance abilities of Israeli firms – Beit Shemesh Motors, the IAI and Chromalloy – in a way that ensures large scale and multi-year employment of the firms.


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