Navantia Completes Operation to Lengthen Four S-80 Submarines
(Source: La Verdad; published December 18, 2015)
(Published in Spanish; unofficial translation by
CARTAGENA --- The first step to ensure that the four S-80-class submarines stay afloat was completed when shipyard workers added ten meter-plugs into the hulls of each of the four submarines ordered by the Spanish navy, to better distribute their weight and avoid sinking.

‘La Verdad’ was told by sources familiar with the project that the section were welded to the boat’s pressure hulls, completing one step of the process intended to solve seaworthiness problems "related to weight-balance deviations."

Construction of the boats was stopped in early 2013 when it was realized that the lead boat of the class, the S-81 'Isaac Peral', was overweight 75-100 tons compared to its length.

After implementing the engineering solution proposed by US engineers called in by the Ministry of Defence, Navantia will now focus on the design of other parts of the ship. (end of excerpt)

The rest of the story covers a controversy at the regional assembly over the Cartagena shipyard’s workload in 2016.

Click here for the full story (in Spanish) on the La Verdad website.


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