UK and Lebanon Discuss Tackling Daesh Threat
(Source: UK Ministry of Defence; issued April 13, 2016)
The Defence Secretary has reaffirmed the UK’s commitment to help Lebanon protect itself against terrorism, including the threat from Daesh.

Michael Fallon today met with Lebanese Minister of Defence Samir Mokbel in London to strengthen the Defence relationship between the two countries, as Lebanon plays a role in the counter-Daesh coalition. Mr Fallon, while discussing common interests including regional security, reassured Mr Mokbel of the UK’s commitment to Lebanese stability.

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said:

“The spread of terrorism from Daesh represents a threat to us all, and Lebanon is on the front line.

“Lebanon is an important Defence ally and we have increased our support to help develop the Lebanese Armed Forces so they are able to strengthen their borders and protect their people.”

The UK is supporting the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) in a number of ways:

-- Providing more than £25 million to date for equipment, mentoring and training to help them build and equip three Land Border Regiments (LBRs) operating along the border with Syria. This has been funded by the Conflict Stability and Security Fund (CSSF).

-- Deploying around 20 Short Term Training Teams to Lebanon each year, to train the LAF in counter terrorism, search and rescue and military intelligence.

-- Committing an additional spend of more than £20m to further bolster LBRs from the threat of the Syria and Iraq conflicts.

-- Funding Internal Security and Urban Operations Training, delivered by former UK military, at Hamat Air Base. The UK has spent around £7m on this training and committed a further £4.5m over the next three years. To date, around 7,000 LAF personnel have been trained.

-- Offering a range of training courses in the UK including at the Royal College of Defence Studies, Staff Courses at Dartmouth, Sandhurst and Lympstone. Some 30 members of the Lebanese Armed Forces have attended training courses in the UK over the last year.

During his visit, Mr Mokbel was accompanied by British Ambassador to Lebanon Hugo Shorter, and also met with Minister for Reserves Julian Brazier, Chief of the Defence Staff General Sir Nicholas Houghton, Defence Senior Advisor for the Middle East General Thomas Beckett, and Foreign Office Minister Tobias Ellwood.


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