Ukroboronprom Aircraft Cluster: Reform of the Aviation Industry of Ukraine
(Source: Ukroboronprom; issued June 10, 2016)
SC “Ukroboronprom” created aircraft cluster – Ukrainian Aircraft Corporation. SE “Antonov” will become the basis of the country’s aircraft production capacity, consolidated by the State Concern. “Ukrainian Aircraft Corporation” is the first example of the country’s defenсe industry reform.

PJSC “Ukrainian Research Institute of Aviation Technology,” SE “Novator,” SE “Kharkiv Machinery Plant “FED,” SE “Kharkіv Aggregate Design Bureau,” PJSC “Plant “Mayak” also joined the Corporation. These are the first enterprises of the aircraft cluster, soon after, the cluster will significantly expand: this system is open to enterprises of any type of ownership.

UKROBORONPROM introduces successful management experience of international aircraft companies – Boeing, Airbus – into practice”, – stressed UKROBORONPROM representatives.

Aircraft cluster will turn Ukrainian aviation industry into a powerful mechanism of coordinated development, deeply integrated into the global market, implementing international standards. Enterprises of aircraft cluster will cooperate with partners from the private sector, factories that are not part of the State Concern. This will speed up import substitution process, giving new impetus to scientific and technological development and development of the national economy in general.

The main advantage of the cluster is that – when united – enterprises will have common serial production planning, procurement, united marketing.

“We will get positive economic impact by combining production facilities of the enterprises-participants of the corporation and reducing the number of duplicating services and management levels” – said UKROBORONPROM Director General Roman Romanov, adding that further on the State Concern will clusterize its enterprises


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