JSC “Admiralteiskie Verfi” Signed A Contract for Construction of A Series of Submarines for Pacific Fleet of RF
(Source: Admiralty Shipyard JSC; issued September 7, 2016)
SAINT-PETERSBURG, Russia --- Within the frame of International military and technical forum “ARMY-2016” in Moscow was signed a contract between Ministry of Defense of RF and JSC “Admiralteiskie Verfi” for construction of a series of six submarines of project 636.3 for Pacific Fleet of Russia.

On behalf of the customer, the document was signed by Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Yury Borisov [and] on behalf of JSC Admiralteiskie Verfi by general director Alexander Buzakov. The terms of the contract provide completion of the construction of the submarine series before 2021.

“Signing of the contract for six submarines of project 636 is a high-profile event, the basis of loading of the plant for next five years,” underlined Alexander Buzakov. “We have a great experience of construction of the submarines of this project not only for Russian Navy but also for our foreign customers.

“We shall complete our current contract for Black Sea Fleet by the end of the year and we have no doubts that the new contract also shall meet the target date.”

These days, the construction of the series of six submarines of the project for Black Sea Fleet is been completed at JSC “Admiralteiskie Verfi”. Four ships have been already commissioned by the Russian Navy. Two more ships shall be handed over to the Defence Ministry by the end of 2016.

The submarines of updated project 636 have enhanced (compared with previous projects) combat effectiveness. Optimal combination of stealth capabilities and target detection range, the newest inertial navigation system, modern automated information management system, powerful high-speed torpedo and missiles equipment provide for global priority of this class ships in area of conventional submarine shipbuilding.

JSC “Admiralteiskie Verfi” is an undoubted leader in construction of submarines of this class and since 1983 the enterprise has been successfully exporting them.

The series production of submarines at “Admiralteiskie Verfi” started in 1932, and during that period have been built more than 400 submarines and deep-water vehicles of various projects.


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