China, Russia Navies Stage Air Defense, Anti-Submarine Drill
(Source: Xinhua; published Sept 18, 2016)
The Chinese frigate "Huangshan" (left) and Russian Navy's Anti-submarine Ship "Admiral Tributs" sail together a China-Russia naval joint drill at sea off south China's Guangdong Province, Sept. 16, 2016. The exercise finished today. (Xinhua photo)
ABOARD WARSHIP GUANGZHOU --- Chinese and Russian naval forces on Saturday carried out a joint drill on air defense and anti-submarine in the South China Sea off southern China's Guangdong Province.

Vessels including a missile destroyer, anti-submarine vessels, missile frigates, ship-based helicopters and conventional submarines, among others, took part in the exercise.

The vessels were divided into two fleets and confrontations were staged off the eastern waters of Zhanjiang in Guangdong.

A senior officer of the joint drill said the exercise was carried out under a background of actual combat and expected aim of the exercise had been reached.

Chinese and Russian navies are currently holding the "Joint Sea-2016" drill that runs from Sept. 13 to 19.

It features navy surface ships, submarines, fixed-wing aircraft, ship-borne helicopters, marine corps and amphibious armored equipment from both sides.


China, Russia Conclude Joint Naval Drill
(Source: Xinhua; published Sept 19, 2016)
Chinese and Russian naval forces on Monday concluded their joint military exercise in the waters off the southern province of Guangdong, pledging to enhance practical cooperation.

Addressing the closing ceremony of the drill, which ran from Sept. 13 to 19, Wang Hai, deputy commander of the Chinese Navy, lauded the exercise as successful and the activity had achieved the desired aim.

Wang said the drill had improved the actual combat capabilities, informationization and standardization of the two navies, adding that they will expand practical cooperation and boost communication.

Alexander Fedotenkov, deputy commander of the Russian Navy, said the two navies shared theoretical and practical experience and were engaged in sound collaboration throughout the exercise.

Fedotenkov said the two sides will maintain close marine cooperation ties, deal with new challenges and threats, and together safeguard world peace and regional stability.

The "Joint Sea 2016" drill featured surface ships, submarines, fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, marines and amphibious armored equipment.


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