Elbit Systems Demonstrates from Paris How to Perform Operational Missions of Its Seagull USV Platform, Sailing At Haifa Bay, Israel
(Source: Elbit Systems; issued October 19, 2016)
PARIS, France --- Elbit Systems demonstrated during Euronaval Exhibition, live, real-time control of its Seagull multi-mission Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) system.

During the demonstration, the Seagull platform, sailing in the Haifa Bay, Israel, was not only controlled via Satellite Communication (SATCOM) but also performed operational missions, by using control consoles situated in the Elbit booth.

Displayed capabilities included commanding vessel sailing using semi-autonomous sailing modes, EO/IR system operation, live display of forward looking sonar imagery and aft deck monitoring camera video display.

The live demonstration illustrates Seagull system’s capability for beyond line-of-sight control in addition to the line of sight mode.


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