Russia Designing New ‘Aircraft Carrier Killer’ Torpedo to Boost Naval Power (excerpt)
(Source: Russia Beyond The Headlines; posted Oct 26, 2016)
by Alexander Vershinin
While shrouded in secrecy, the ‘Khishchnik’ high-speed torpedo now in development is thought to have characteristics that are an improvement on those of the well-known Shkval torpedo. (photo by Anatoly Sokolov)
In early October, Russian military analysts reported that a group of designers working for the navy were completing work on a completely new high-speed torpedo. The widely-known Shkval (“Squall”) torpedo, which for a long time was a global leader in terms of speed and the destructive force of its warhead, will be replaced by a new torpedo, called Khishchnik (“Predator”).

No specific information is available yet on what the new torpedo is like and what its technical characteristics are: The project is classified. It is only known that it is being developed by the Elektropribor design bureau, which specializes in aviation technology.

The connection is not accidental – after all, what is being developed is not just a torpedo but what is in effect an underwater missile whose engine has a lot in common with its airborne equivalents. One thing is certain: In terms of its main specifications, the Khishchnik will exceed its famous predecessor, the Shkval.

Underwater record breaker

The project brief to develop a fundamentally new torpedo capable of carrying a nuclear warhead was issued in the USSR back in the 1970s. The resulting Shkval torpedo was accepted into service in 1977 and, despite its venerable age, remains the world’s record breaker among underwater projectiles. (end of excerpt)

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