MiG-29K Crashes Near ‘Admiral Kuznetsov’ in Mediterranean – Russia’s MoD
(Source: TASS-Defense; published Nov 14, 2016)
MOSCOW --- A Mikoyan MiG-29K (NATO reporting name: Fulcrum-D) shipborne multirole fighter jet has crashed during an attempt to land at the deck of the Project 11435 ‘Admiral Kuznetsov’ heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser (Kuznetsov-class) in the Mediterranean Sea, according to the press department of Russia’s Ministry of Defense (MoD).

"An accident that involved a MiG-29K shipborne fighter took place during the landing of the aircraft at the ‘Admiral Kuznetsov’ heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser several kilometers away from the ship due to a technical malfunction," a MoD official said pointing out that the fighter had been conducting a training flight.

"The pilot ejected himself from the aircraft, and a search-and-rescue team brought him to the ‘Admiral Kuznetsov’ cruiser. The pilot`s health is out of danger. He is ready to accomplish new missions," the official added.

He pointed out that the Russian aircraft-carrying task force (ACTF) is continuing to carry out its missions in Mediterranean, including the flights of the ship-based combat aircraft.

The Northern Fleet’s ACTF started its cruise to the North-Western region of the Atlantic Sea and to the Mediterranean Sea on October 15, 2016. The unit is comprised of the Project 11435 ‘Admiral Kuznetsov’ heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser, the Project 11442 ‘Pyotr Velikiy’ (Kirov-class) battlecruiser, the Project 1155 ‘Severomorsk’ and ‘Vice-Admiral Kulakov’ (Udaloy/Udaloy II-class) large anti-submarine destroyers, and auxiliary vessels.

On November 12, the commander of the ‘Admiral Kuznetsov’ heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser, Captain 1st rank Sergei Artamonov said that the aircraft-carrying task force was maneuvering in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea near the Syrian shores.

The Mikoyan MiG-29K shipborne multirole fighter jet is a new Russian combat aircraft intended for air defense of naval task forces, air supremacy achieving, and surface targets elimination.


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