Naval Aviation Crews of the Baltic Fleet Practiced Air Refuelling
(Source: Russian Ministry of Defence; issued Dec 22, 2016)
As part of a planned training flight, 10 SU-24M bomber squadron crews of the Baltic Fleet Naval Aviation practiced air refueling by the aerial tanker Il-78.

A difficult element of flight training was performed day and night, in pairs and solo, at altitudes from 2 to 5 thousand meters.

Only experienced pilots who in the course of the flight have to carefully observe the speed and altitudes were allowed to conduct air refueling. You must follow the tanker at the distance of ten meters at the altitude from 2 to 5 thousand meters at the speed of 550-600 kilometers per hour, to make contact by released probe with the drogue, and then keep the distance to complete refueling.

Air refueling increases significantly range and capabilities of the Su-24M and allows performing tasks far away from the home base.


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