Air Defence Missile Regiment Armed with A New S-400 Surface-to-Air Missile System Was Put On Combat Duty In the Moscow Region
(Source: Russian Ministry of Defence; issued Jan 11, 2017)
Russia continues to deploy upgraded and new weapon systems, and has for example stood up two air-defense missile regiments equipped with the S-400 Triumf SAM, one near Moscow and one to guard its Northern Fleet. (RUS MoD photo)
Today the combat crews of the missile regiment of the air defense formation of the Russian Aerospace Forces, having received a new regiment set of S-400 surface-to-air missile system into service, was put on combat duty to provide air defence of Moscow and Central industrial regions of Russia.

Main assignment of the Aerospace Forces missile regiments is to provide air defence and coverage of the highest government and military management objects, objects of industry and energy production, and military grouping locations from enemy’s aerospace assault.

In total, in 2016, four air defence missile regiments were rearmed with surface-to-air missile system S-400 Triumph. Another four S-400 surface-to-air missile systems will become operational in the Russian Aerospace Forces in 2017.


Air Defence Formation of the Northern Fleet Armed with the S-400 Triumph will Be Put on the Combat Duty in 2017
(Source: Russian Ministry of Defence; issued Jan 10, 2017)
In 2017, air defence formation of the Air Force and Air Defence army of the Northern Fleet will be put on the combat duty in order to secure air borders in the Arctic direction. The formation is armed with the S-400 Triumph air defence systems.

The S-400 Triumph air defence systems is designed for high-effective protection of objects from all types of means of air attacks. The system is capable to engage all modern and advanced targets.

The air defence system can be operated day and night in any geographical conditions and strong countermeasures of the simulated enemy.


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