Russian Aerospace Forces and Turkish Air Force Conducted Joint Strikes Against ISIS
(Source: Russian Ministry of Defence; issued Jan 26, 2017)
On January 26, the Russian Aerospace Forces and Turkish Air Force conducted joint strikes against the ISIS terrorist grouping near al-Bab in the Aleppo province.

The operation was approved by the Syrian authorities. Russian Su-24M bombers and Su-35S fighters as well as Turkish F-16 and F-4 multipurpose fighters were involved in the operation.

While planning the operation, the Russian Aerospace Forces control centre located at the Hmeymim airbase exchanged intelligence information with the Turkish Air Force control centre. The parties conducted reconnaissance check with the use of unmanned aerial vehicles and space intelligence means.

The Russian aircraft eliminated three control centres and communication posts as well as several strongpoints of insurgents.

Earlier, on January 18 and 21, the Russian Aerospace Forces and Turkish Air Force had conducted joint air operations aimed at elimination of the ISIS grouping in Syria.

Aviation strikes, which had been conducted near al-Bab in the Aleppo province resulted in elimination of storages with ammunition, POL and armament as well as manpower and hardware concentration areas of the ISIS terrorist organization (in total 58 targets).


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