Russia’s Antey Nuclear Submarines to Be Rearmed with Kalibr Missile Systems
(Source: TASS; published March 07, 2017)
The Russian navy will arm its Oscar-class nuclear submarines, also known as the Project 949A (Antey) class, with Kalibr cruise missiles convincingly used during its operation in Syria. (RUS MoS photo)
BOLSHOI KAMEN, Russia --- Project 949A Antey nuclear-powered submarines will be rearmed with Kalibr missile systems after a profound upgrade at the Zvezda shipyard in the Russian Far East, Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov said on Tuesday.

"The Zvezda shipyard is carrying out profound modernization of Project 949A nuclear submarines, including the replacement of armament with the Kalibr missile complex and also the replacement of navigation, life support and other systems," Borisov said.

Overall, Russia has built 11 Project 949A Antey submarines. Eight of them have remained operational with the Russian Navy. Each submarine has a displacement of 24,000 tonnes and is armed with 24 Granit cruise missile launchers and six torpedo tubes.

CEO of Russia’s Rubin Central Design Bureau for Marine Engineering Igor Vilnit told TASS that all the submarines of this type operational with the Navy would undergo upgrade.


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